Dixie McCarthy Art - Making Monoprints

This is a large horse monoprint that the artist made on the larger
press. On this print brayers, q-tips, cloth for wiping and paint brushes
were used to create the finished print.  The inks  are lithographic
ink used with mineral spirits, and double 0 burnt Plate oil.

The artist standing in front of the taboret with large press
in the back and small press in front.  She is getting ready to
do a 2nd printing on this flower print.

Here the artist is inking the plexiglass..using rubbing
with cloth, brayers, and paint brushes as tools.

The tools and paint in the foreground. The artist is working on the plate.
She is making a monotype..which is print made from a flat surface using
many different tools..example: brushes, brayers, cloth, q tips, and any
material used in a painterly way.  The finished print is called a MONOTYPE..
The process may be called Monoprinting.

The artist has finished the painting of the plexiglass 
which will now fit exactly over the print on the press.

The quality of monoprinting forces the ink into the paper so the paper is smooth. 
However the ink looks impasto, textural but it does not reside on the top of the paper. 
The print is ready to put on the press.  The ink will be forced under pressure into the paper.

The artist is now placing the inked plexiglass over
the print to put it through the press.

The artist must fit the plexiglass exactly matching the print to construct the process.
It is then all turned carefully over and the blankets are put over this to protect the print.

The print is being pulled up to take a look on the press. 
The plexiglass is below the print.

Because of the repeatable nature of some of the materials
used to create the end image..this is called a "Monoprint".

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