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A native Californian, Dixie was born in Petaluma, California.
She grew up and went to school in Burlingame, California. She is a graduate of Chico State
University; and received her masterís degree at the University of Hawaii. Teaching was her
Profession; specializing in the Elementary grades. After retirement, Dixie studied art both in
San Mateo, California with art professionals and later San Diego studying with both Stuart
Burton and Andrea Rushing at Art Academies.

Dixie has shown her work for over 12 years at the Art Academies and the San Diego Art Institute
both on Ray Street and at the San Diego Art Institute of Living Artists in Balboa Park. She
currently has a studio at The Studio Door located at 3750 30th Street, San Diego, California
USA, 92104-3633 (619)255-4920. She shows her work there on a regular basis.
Dixie and her husband and two children lived in Hawaii for a little over 10 years and still travel
there often where she is inspired by the beauty of the islands.
Dixie can be reached at (619)865-6286 or via her art website at:

Dixie at easel


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