Dixie McCarthy Art

WOMEN IN ART 2017 WARD-NASSE Gallery 178 Prince Street Soho NY-NY 10012
The 10th Edition of this International group show, composed only with the women's from around the world.
Curated by: Leda Maria
Show dates:
March 01st-March 15th, 2017 -  But Dixie has been asked to leave her paintings on display for three more months, so they will be at the gallery into June 2017.
Biography of the Artist
Since retiring from a full time teaching career, Dixie has worked as an artist for 22 years. Dixie considers herself a painter of "Realism" and " Impressionism". Her experience delves into both. Artists that influenced her work include Manet, Monet, and CÚzanne. Studying first in Carmel, California with experienced watercolor teachers, then taking classes from a devoted art professor in San Mateo, California at a local Junior College. Dixie then studied in San Diego with Stuart Burton, then later with Andrea Rushing learning many oil painting techniques. Also studying in Honolulu, Hawaii at The Art Museum School. Entering many art shows always improving her abilities and challenging herself to new experiences.

Dixie had a one person show in 2011~showing 25 works of oil painting. The acceptance to The Vermont Art Center in Johnson, Vermont for a one month residency continued to boost both her expertise and enthusiasm. Continuous painting, exploring, and showing her art work gave her a keen sense of formulating art ideas and experimenting with new paintings all the time.

Dixie's feelings about art expression come from a strong sense of positive thinking and cheerful attitude. Art delights her, fills her with a positive pleasure and surprise, as well as an overall happiness and fulfillment. She does the underpainting in acrylic paint first, then goes over the entire painting with oil paint, which leads to surprising glimpses of bright colors showing through in certain places.

She hopes to accomplish an new way of looking at a very ordinary object. She tries to get bright, sun-soaked photos. Dixie chooses painting ideas from photos she takes herself. She paints in series of the subject in various ways that she hopes will delight and enthrall the viewer.