Boonville, California Show, September 2001  

Artist Statement:

The show has to do with the funky, country dust regional flavor of the 1920's-40's.  The artist traveled to Mendocino county, Sonoma county, and Santa Cruz area-looking for new ways of seeing and painting.  She pulled aside the curtain of time to invite and engage the viewers to create stories from their own memories.  She painted Florentines, cobblers, buns, and Danish pastries peeking out from refrigerated cabinets waiting to be eaten.  Dixie's show is a reflection of her interest in the nostalgia of the 1920's, 30ís, and 40's, simpler times, cooking, a fondness for animals, her memories of coming up to Boonville during childhood, and her keen interest in places and travel.

Press Articles announcing the show:

Cloverdale artist, Dixie McCarthy, will be featured in an exhibition of her work at Cafe Glad, located on the boulevard at 14111 Highway 128, Boonville Sept. 1-30.

The artist will show 16 paintings-oils on canvas. McCarthy, who has a vacation home in Cloverdale, is a retired teacher who is now devoting her time to painting.

Don't Look Away DIXIE  LAND

Recent Work! Oils on Canvas.  A new show at Cafe Glad in Historic Boonville, California.

Cloverdale Artist, Dixie McCarthy will show recent work at the Cafe Glad in Boonville, California from September 1-30.

There will be a show called "Painting Echoes"-Memories, Marzipan, and Motorcars- an exhibit at the Cafe Glad, located on the boulevard at 14111 Highway 128, Boonville, California, 95415 from September 1-30.  There will be 16 paintings-oils on canvas.  The artist, who has a vacation home in Cloverdale, was inspired to paint some of the pictures from black and white photographs taken by the artist, center around local vegetable outdoor markets, bakeries, and landscapes in the Mendocino-Sonoma areas.  Dixie graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College and Chico State University.  She is a retired teacher and is now devoting her time to painting.  She has attended art classes in California, Hawaii and France.  The show reveals Dixie's ongoing fascination with the area of her childhood: Mendocino and Sonoma counties.